Run Your Company Like the Band The Avett Brothers

As one of the leaders of what I believe to be a great company, I am always on the look out for inspiration on how our company should be led. And sometimes that inspiration can come from unexpected places.

Recently, I had the privilege of seeing The Avett Brothers live at Wolf Trap - an intimate outdoor venue just outside of DC. If you are not familar with The Avett Brothers, I highly recommend you watch the Judd Aptow directed documentary on HBO called, “May It Last.” And go see them live, the concert was amazing!

What stuck out most to me was the Energry. This band totally brings it. They brought it the night I saw them, but more importantly I could tell they bring it every night....

The Farmhouse is fashionable!

"We all know that farmhouse design is now fashionable. But, why? Is it because Chip and Joanna Gaines made it that way? Well, yes, we cannot deny that is part of it. However, the real reason seems to be that it just makes sense to most people. It feels fresh, bright and inviting. It brings the outdoors in to our otherwise busy indoor lives. And, it feels open and uncluttered which we could all use a bit more of."

Read more of what our Regional VP has to say about the Modern Farmhouse trend in her guest blog appearance:


Traditions by The Providence Group, Designed by Builders Design

Stop losing sales by not putting your best foot forward.

You are Sales Pros so I don’t need to tell you how important every second with a prospective customer is.

You’ve probably read or heard about Margaret Wylde’s ( research: feeling at home is the number one contributor to high resident satisfaction in both independent living and assisted living.

Hmmm … we’re asking people to give up their home and exchange it for community living, aren’t we?

Might it be best to make our prospects feel at home?

Of course.

More from Margaret

“… the first few minutes in a community -- you lose most of your customers in that time period,” Margaret Wylde said at an Argentum conference (http...

Bathtub or Shower?

Builder Magazine consulted with our Creative Director, Lauren Jordan, about the great debate in bathrooms: shower or tub.

"Millennials and Gen Xers are into functionality', and if they’re not going to use the tub frequently, they’re going to eliminate it altogether," Jordan explained.

Read the full article at:


Builder: M/I Homes, Design firm: Builders Design

How To Create A Tactile Experience In Your Model Homes


Builder: Van Metre Homes Design Firm: Builders Design

Humans are born with five natural senses, and the nervous system has a specific sensory organ dedicated to each one. These senses connect us to the outside world, and although their primary purpose is to keep the body safe and healthy, our natural instincts also allow us to engage with both living and inanimate objects. In this article, we’re going to focus our natural sense of touch(scientifically known as somatosensation – but lucky for you, this is where the science lesson stops).

With the advent of iPhones, iPads, etc., the tactile experience that all consumers are drawn to is extremely limited, causing us to yearn for th...

Exterior Evolution


Line K at Willowsford. Builder: K Hovnanian, Design firm: Builders Design

Exterior elements and connection points are among the most popular interior design trends to date. Ironic, isn’t it? Homebuyers are yearning for simplicity more than ever as technology untethers us from traditional spaces, and our natural instincts draw us back to the serene outdoors.

Interior trends are influencing exterior design while exterior features are influencing interior design - Are you still following? Good. They're essentially breaking down each other’s boundaries so that every square foot is tailored by an uninterrupted flow of design.

Let’s break down the interior walls and talk about the...