Run Your Company Like the Band The Avett Brothers

As one of the leaders of what I believe to be a great company, I am always on the look out for inspiration on how our company should be led. And sometimes that inspiration can come from unexpected places.

Recently, I had the privilege of seeing The Avett Brothers live at Wolf Trap - an intimate outdoor venue just outside of DC. If you are not familar with The Avett Brothers, I highly recommend you watch the Judd Aptow directed documentary on HBO called, “May It Last.” And go see them live, the concert was amazing!

What stuck out most to me was the Energry. This band totally brings it. They brought it the night I saw them, but more importantly I could tell they bring it every night. And why do they bring it? Because they are truly appreciative of their customers - the fans. They know with out them, they woudn’t get to do what they love to do. And they show that appreciation not only with their energy, but they express it through their words.

Second, they have built the best band, or team, that they could by surrounding themselves with amazing talent and letting that talent often take center stage. No question the two brothers Scott and Seth are the lead performers, but each member of their amazing ensemble gets more than the typical introduction, “And say hi to our amazing stand up bassist from Cardiff, New Jersey.” No, they let each of them take center stage for an extended period of time during the show. It’s Scott and Seth’s actions and not their words, that show they understand the team is so much more important than the leadership.

And finally, you can’t ignore the talent. The Avett Brothers and their band members clearly have extraordinary talent. It comes out in their music, lyrics and performance. No question they would not have risen to where they stand without the talent. But on my list, their talent rightfully falls in the third position because I believe if you asked them to put in order of importance the leadership attributes that would allow them to answer affirmatively the questin of “May It Last?”, they would answer as follows: Energy.Team.Talent.

The Avett Brothers Laundry Room

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